MISA Lesotho chairperson Nkoale Oetsi Tsoana
and former chairperson
Boitumelo Koloi address a
press conference on LCA
broadcasting regulations

rights may be restricted only as provided by law
and are necessary: a) for respect of the rights or
reputations of others; (b) for the protection of
national security or of public order (ordre public),
or of public health or morals. (3)
The Declaration establishes standards under
which the rights to freedom of expression and
access to information, both online and offline,
should be enjoyed and the limitations therein,

drawing from international standards and best
practices. Principle 1 emphasises the importance
of freedom of expression and access to information
as fundamental, crucial and indispensable for
the free development of the human person, the
creation and nurturing of democratic societies and
for enabling the exercise of other rights. Principle
2 provides for non-interference with freedom
of opinion, Principle 3 sets out the standards
on non-discrimination, Principle 5 lays out the

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