meeting or sale to be held upon the upon which the advertisement is displayed, or the
sale or lease of that land;

display, outside a proclaimed road, such an advertisement which merely indicates the
name of the farm or that a particular road or path is a private road or path or is
intended for a particular class of traffic or leads to a particular place or that a particular
act is prohibited or permitted; or
[Para. (c) is amended by s. 2 of Ord. 3 of 1967.]


display, on or at a gate, such an advertisement which conveys besides the name of
the farm owner merely the name of a property or place to which the gate gives access
or merely a warning or a direction to close the gate.

(2) The Executive Committee may, by proclamation in the Official Gazette, define any class of
advertisement not mentioned in any of the paragraphs of the proviso to sub-section (1), which
may be displayed without his permission if it is displayed in a form or manner or at a place or in
circumstances or on conditions defined in the proclamation, and thereupon any such
advertisement shall, for the purposes of this Ordinance, be deemed to be an advertisement
mentioned in the said paragraph.
(3) When the Executive Committee has made a regulation under paragraph (b) of sub-section (1)
of section twelve relating to an advertisement mentioned in any paragraph of the proviso to subsection (1) of this section, no person shall display such advertisement (including any such
advertisement displayed before the commencement of this Ordinance and which thereafter
remains displayed continuously and unchanged in the same place) unless the advertisement is
displayed in accordance with the requirements of that regulation.
(4) The provisions of this section shall also apply to the South African Railways Administration,
unless such advertisement is not visible from any proclaimed road.
3. The Executive Committee may in his discretion grant or refuse any permission mentioned in
sub-section (1) of section two, for which any person has applied, and it he grants such
permission he may (subject to the applicable provisions of any regulation made under paragraph
(b) of sub-section (1) of section twelve) prescribe the specifications to which the advertisement to
which the permission relates, shall conform, the period during which the permission shall be of
effect, the manner, place and circumstances in which, and the conditions on which, the
advertisement may be displayed, and may at any time alter or revoke such permission.


When there is being displayed at a place visible from a public read an advertisement
(including an advertisement mentioned in the proviso to sub-section (1) of section two)
whether such advertisement was displayed before the commencement of this
Ordinance and thereafter remains displayed continuously and unchanged in the same
place, or is being displayed only after such commencement –


for which no permission was granted under section two or for which the permission
has expired or has been revoked; or


which does not conform to the specifications or conditions prescribed in any
permission granted therefor in any regulation applicable thereto, or which is being
displayed in a manner or place or in circumstances other than those prescribed in any
such permission or regulation,

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