"building restriction road" means any proclaimed road which the Executive Committee has
proclaimed a building restriction road under section seven and which he has not deproclaimed as
“Executive Committee” means the Administrator-in-Executive Committee as referred to in
section 6 of the South West Africa Constitution Act, 1968 (Act 39 of 1968).
[The definition of “Executive Committee” inserted by s. 3 of Ord. 11 of 1972.]
"local authority" means a municipally or village management board and in respect of any area
not under the control of a municipality or village management board “local authority” means the
magistrate of the district in which such area is situated.
[The definition of “local authority” substituted by s. 1 (b) of Ord. 3 of 1967.]
"township" means a group of erven, blocks or lots and public places, other than commonage
land, which has been established or recognised under any law as a township or village, if those
erven, blocks or lots are used or are intended to be used mainly for purposes other than farming,
horticulture or the keeping of animals, or any village not established or recognised under any law
as a township, which has been recognized by the Executive Committee for the purposes of this
Ordinance, as a township.
"structure" means anything made, manufactured or assembled and erected above or under the
"urban area" means the area consisting of the erven, blocks or lots and public open spaces
other than commonage land and of the streets bounded by erven, blocks or lots or such public
open spaces in a city, town, village or township which is under the jurisdiction of a local authority.
[S. 1 amended by s. 1 of Ord. 3 of 1967 and by s. 2 of Ord. 11 of 1972.]


Subject to the provisions of sub-section (4) of this section and of section six no person
shall display an advertisement, except an advertisement displayed at the
commencement of this Ordinance and which thereafter remains displayed
continuously and unchanged in the same place, which is visible from a proclaimed
road, unless it is displayed in accordance with the written permission of the Executive
Committee: Provided that any person may, subject to the provisions of sub-section (3)
of this section and of sub-section (3) of this section and of subsection (1) of section
four without permission –


display on a building such an advertisement which discloses merely the name or
nature of any business or undertaking carried on therein, or name of the proprietor or
manager of that business or undertaking or any information which relates solely to that
business or undertaking to any article or service supplied in connection with that
business or undertaking or in connect with any other business or undertaking of fl


provided the name of the advertiser is not displayed more prominently than the rest of
the advertisement, display, outside a proclaimed road such an advertisement which
relates solely to an article produced or to a service performed or business or
undertaking carried on, or to a form of recreation available or to an entertainment,

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