safety of journalists around the world

In 2012, UNESCO reported that, around the world, more than 600 journalists and media workers have been killed in the past decade. Many
more are imprisoned without following proper legal procedure and there are also increasing numbers of sexual assaults, especially against female

Increase in killings and physical attacks against Increased imprisonments of media workers
media workers
The Committee to Protect Journalists reported in 2012 that imprisonment

of journalists worldwide reached a record high of 232 people behind
There were 121 killings of journalists, media workers and bloggers in bars, 132 of whom were held on anti-terror or other national security
2012 – this is almost double the combined killings in 2010 and 2011. charges. This represents 53 more than the number recorded for 2011.
Many more media professionals suffered non-fatal attacks, including
being wounded, raped, abducted, harassed, intimidated, or illegally

Most media violations are not investigated or
UNESCO reports that less than ten percent of all the cases they were
aware of led to the conviction of those who committed the crimes. By
failing to bring perpetrators of crimes to justice, governments allow the
cycle of violence against journalists, including community media workers
and citizen journalists, to continue.

Local reporters are the most vulnerable
Typically, the murdered journalists were not reporting in armed conflict
situations, but on local stories, particularly related to corruption and
other illegal activities such as organized crime and drugs.


Image: Right to Know (R2K) campaign images

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