safety of journalists in southern Africa

Censorship on the rise
While censorship appeared to be declining between 2009 and
2010, it is unfortunately on the rise again and there was an average
of 10.2 incidents of censorship reported yearly throughout the fiveyear period.

Decrease in banning incidents
MISA is pleased to see that after a peak of 30 incidents reported
in 2009, reports of media workers being banned from reporting on
issues in the public interest has declined, and 2012 reported the
lowest number of banning violations over the five-year period (just
two incidents reported).

Low level of sentences reported
While the number of violations classified as ‘sentenced’ are low
throughout the period (there was a high of nine media workers
sentenced in the region in 2011, while other years reported between
only one and five incidents), the number of violations reported under
the ‘legislated’ classification represents one of the highest categories
over the five years. It is important to note that there are likely many
cases that go unreported, as well as cases where journalists are
charged under restrictive legislation but are released on appeal and
not sentenced.


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