Media Reforms Stakeholders Indaba Resolutions
20 April 2016
Jameson Hotel

We, being delegates to the MISA-Zimbabwe facilitated Stakeholders Indaba on
Media Law and Policy Reforms held on 20 April 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe;
Having debated and deliberated on the national importance of the media law and
policy reforms in Zimbabwe;
Informed by deliberations on the state of media law and policy reforms as well as the
government-sanctioned Information and Media Panel of Inquiry recommendations,
General Laws Amendments proposals, policy pronouncements, requisite model laws,
constitutional provisions, including regional and international best practices;
Noting with great concern, the slow pace in implementing media law and policy
Cognisant of the fact that our new Constitution specifically recognises the right of all
Zimbabweans to freedom of expression, media freedom, access to information and the
right to privacy among other fundamental rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights:
We hereby recommend the following action plans:
1. Madia Law and Policy Reforms
a) All laws which curtail or have a negative impact on freedom of expression,
media freedom and access to information must be repealed.
b) The process of media law reforms should be driven by the supremacy of the
c) Cyber-security laws should be enacted in consulation with media stakeholders
and members of the public
2. Separation of Access to Information (ATI) and media regulation
Government must repeal the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act
and replace it with two democratic laws. The first law should outline media rights
and freedoms while the second one will promote the right to access to



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