Mission statement
The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) is a dynamic, member-driven regional organisation with national chapters coordinated by a
professional Regional Secretariat, which seeks – through monitoring, training, capacity building, research and the distribution of information – to foster free, independent and diverse media throughout southern Africa in the service of democracy and development as stated in
the Windhoek Declaration and the African Charter on Broadcasting.

Vision statement
MISA’s vision is of a southern African region in which the media enjoys freedom of expression, independent from political, economic and
commercial interests, pluralism of views and opinions. Our vision is of a region where members of society, individually or collectively, are
free to express themselves through any media of their choice without hindrance of any kind. A region, too, where access to information must
be unhindered and where information is readily available.

The MISA vision is:

A media that is free, independent, diverse and pluralistic
Access to the media and information by all sectors of society
Media workers who are competent, critical, accountable, sensitive to gender issues and aware of their responsibility to society
Legislation, regulations and policy environments that support media independence, diversity and pluralism
Citizens in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region who are empowered to claim information as a basic right.


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