(10) An alternate member shall act as a member
only when a member to whom he is alternate is
unable to perform his duties as a member, and
when so acting shall have all the powers of such
member, other than the powers of the chairman.
(11) The Minister shall, subject to the law relating to the Public Service, appoint an officer to be
the secretary of the Board who shall perform such
duties as may be assigned to him by the Board.
4 Functions of Board
The functions of the Board shall be—
(a) to examine any article or public entertainment submitted to it;
(b) to make such inquiries as it may consider
necessary in regard to any publication, picture, statue, record or public entertainment
which is alleged to be or which the Board has
reason to believe is of a nature contemplated
in section seventeen;
(c) to advise the Minister in regard to any matter
arising out of the application of any provision
of this Act which the Minister may refer to
the Board;
(d) to perform any other function assigned to it
by this Act or any other enactment.
5 Committees of Board
(1) The Board may, with the approval of the
Minister, appoint from its own members or alternate members one or more committees, and may
delegate thereto such of the functions of the Board
as the Board considers fit.
(2) Subject to subsection (3), a committee may
comprise one or more persons.
(3) The chairman of the Board shall be an ex
officio member of, and may preside over, a committee.
(4) If a member of a committee who is a member, other than an alternate member, of the Board is
unable for any reason to attend a meeting of such
committee his alternate on the Board may attend.
(5) A committee may, with the approval of the
Minister, co-opt members who are not members or
alternate members of the Board.
6 Advisers and officers of Board and
(1) The Board or any committee may call on
such persons as it may wish to assist it in an advisory capacity on any matter it is required to consider.

(2) The Minister may appoint such officers as he
thinks fit to assist the Board or any committee
thereof in the performance of its functions.
7 Remuneration, etc.
(a) member or alternate member of the Board;
(b) member or co-opted member of any committee;
(c) person mentioned in subsection (1) or (2) of
section six;
may be paid such remuneration or allowances or
both as may be prescribed.

8 Interpretation in Part III
In this Part—
“distribute” does not include the transmission
through the post or otherwise of recorded video or
film material for the purpose of processing the film
recorded thereon for the private use of an individual;
“publish” has its ordinary meaning and is not
qualified in any way by the definition of “publication” in section two.
9 Prohibition of unapproved films
(1) Subject to this Part, no person shall—
(a) distribute, televise or publicly exhibit any
film; or
(b) exhibit to any person, other than a person
referred to in subsection (2), any film
(i) is intended to be exhibited in public; or
(ii) though recorded in such a manner as to
be incapable of being exhibited in public, is wholly or substantially a copy or
recording of a film intended to be so exhibited; or
(c) publish any film advertisement;
unless the film or copy or recording or film advertisement, as the case may be, has been approved by
the Board in terms of section ten.
(1a) Any person who contravenes subsection (1)
shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not
exceeding level six or to imprisonment for a period
not exceeding one year or to both such fine and
such imprisonment.
(2) A film referred to in paragraph (b) of subsection (1) may be exhibited to—
(a) any person concerned in the making of the
film; or

[Chapter 10:04]

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