338 N o . 17 of 2002]



transmitter received on suitable apparatus by the public;
" community " includes a geographically defined
community or any group of persons or sector of the public having
a specific, ascertainable common interest;
" community broadcasting " means a broadcasting service which —
(a) is fully controlled by a non-profit entity and carried on
for non-profitable purposes;
(b) serves a particular community;
(c) encourages members of the community served by it or
persons associated with or promoting the interests of
such community to participate in the selection and
provision of programmes to be broadcast; and
(d) may be funded by donations, grants, sponsorship or
advertising or membership fees, or by a combination
of any of them;
" commercial broadcasting " means a broadcasting service operated
for profit and controlled by a person who is not a public or
community broadcaster;

Cap. 154

" Corporation "means the Zambia National Broadcasting
Corporation established under section three of the Zambia
National Broadcasting Corporation Act;
" Chairperson " means the person elected as Chairperson of the
Board under section seven;
" diffusion service " means —
(a) the dissemination by wires otherwise than within the
precincts of a single private residence of the whole
or part of a broadcasting service; or
(b) the dissemination of music or speech by means of wires;
(c)" diffuse " shall be construed accordingly;
" Director-General" means the person appointed Director-General
under section seventeen;

Cap. 281

" local authority " means a city council, municipal council, district
council or township council established under the Local
Government Act;
" media support organisation " means an organisation which provides
material or technical assistance to media organisations;

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