Sector 1:

Freedom of expression, including freedom of the 		
media, are effectively protected and promoted.

Freedom of expression, including freedom of the media, 		
is guaranteed in the constitution and protected by 			
other pieces of legislation.

Free expression of ideas and views, including opinions and the right
to information is embodied under Article 18 of the Constitution of
the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 (as amended) which states
that every citizen has a right to:
1. freedom of expression and of opinion
2. seek, receive and impart information without regard to national
3. communicate and the right to non-interference of that communication
4. be informed at anytime on important happenings that are of
importance to the life and wellbeing of citizens and about important issues of concern to the society.
Between 2006 and 2008, there has been no change in laws or new
ones enacted to protect people’s right to freedom of expression and
of the media as guaranteed by law. However, there has been quite
a lot of debate on the Government’s proposals on the Freedom of
Information Bill and the Media Services Bill 2007, by various stakeholders throughout the country.
The Constitutional amendments of 2005 removed all claw back
clauses in the Constitution, but the retention of Article 17 and 30
invalidates the guarantees provided under Article 18.
The panellists conceded that despite the existence of oppressive
laws that hinder freedom of expression and of the media, the media
African Media Barometer - Tanzania 2008			


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