to galvanise and convene a much-needed forum of
like-minded organisations, in an organic manner, to
build solidarity in a generally fragmented regional,
continental and global sphere. To keep ahead we need
to be innovative and responsive to the changes in our
society – thus our business unusual approach.
This entails that our body language and actions at
national and regional levels need to be strategically in
lock-step in our march towards being the thought and
convening leader in the region as articulated in our 2021
– 2026 strategic plan.
In 2022, MISA celebrates its 30th anniversary, indeed a
significant milestone for our organisation.

MISA RGC Chairperson Golden Maunganidze

Chair per son’s Repor t
The year 2021 was one of consolidation and the
repositioning of our organisation in the aftermath of the
several headwinds that we faced.

The vision to build towards the next 30 years begins
and starts now. We all have a collective responsibility of
ensuring that everything we do now builds towards the
next 30 years and does not betray the founding values of
this organisation. To this, we make a declaration that we
dare not, and will not fail!
Golden Maunganidze
MISA Regional Governing Council

When we started this journey – midway through 2021 –
we dared to dream and our dreams are now becoming
reality. We took a leap of faith and the results are
beginning to show.
While we have managed to score some successes, this
is not the time to rest on our laurels, but to continue
rolling our sleeves and getting the work done.
In 2021 we restructured our Regional Governance
Council (RGC) and took the necessary steps to reclaim
the ground that we had lost.
The next step was to come up with a new strategy
document covering the period 2021 to 2026. These
processes were foundational and vital for MISA to
reposition itself as the thought leader in terms of
freedom of expression and of the media in Southern
The strategy is instructive as it forces us to introspect
and chart the future of this historical and formidable
organisation that turns 30 years this year.
It cannot be business as usual because we have a lot
of ground to cover to ensure that we consolidate our
status as the regional shield in defence of expression
in Southern Africa amid a complex and ever-changing
environment as attacks are coming from both the usual
and unusual places.
A huge burden thus remains on MISA’s shoulders

MISA Regional 2021 Annual 2021 Report


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