State of the media in Southern Africa - 2003



ach year much untiring effort is spent at MISA’s national chapters and regional secretariat
to ensure that this important document is published. Media freedom monitoring is MISA’s
core business and will continue to form the foundation of its advocacy work aimed at creating
a conducive environment for a free and independent media in southern Africa.
Jeanette Minnie, author of this year’s regional overview, must be singled out for her continued
support to MISA’s Media Freedom Monitoring programme. Her research last year of three
years of MISA Alerts (2000-2002) has resulted in valuable information that continues to enhance the development of this programme. This research specifically had great bearing on the
development and implementation of MISA’s SADC Journalists Under Fire campaign – a campaign designed to offer practical support to victims of media freedom violations because, rightly
so, in many quarters the question was asked: “You’ve issued an alert, so what?”
MISA’s national chapter Information and Advocacy officers are the face of MISA at national
level – most certainly to those persons who have fallen victim to media freedom and freedom
of expression violations. These are staff members who go further than document violations,
and in many instances offer much needed moral support to journalists. They must therefore be
acknowledged in name:
• MISA Botswana


Ms. Caroline Phiri-Lubwika

• MISA Lesotho


Mr. Tom Mapesela

• MISA Malawi


Mr. Innocent Chitosi

• MISA Mozambique -

Mr. Gustavo Mahoque

• MISA Namibia

Mrs. Carmen Cupido


• MISA South Africa -

Mr. Jude Mathurine

• MISA Swaziland


Mrs. Phumelele F. Dlamini

• MISA Tanzania


Mr. Marco Gideon

• MISA Zambia


Mr. Sipo Kapumba
Mr. Brian Muletambo

• MISA Zimbabwe


Mr. Rashweat Mukundu

We wish to express sincere appreciation to all partner organisations and donors who have
contributed to this project. A further note of thanks to the International Freedom of Expression
Exchange (IFEX) in Toronto, Canada, which ensures that violations recorded by MISA in
southern Africa receives maximum exposure in the international community and in so doing,
allow for rapid, world-wide and coordinated response to media freedom and freedom of expression violations.

Zoé Titus
Regional Programme Manager: Media Freedom Monitoring

So This Is Democracy? 2003


Media Institute of Southern Africa

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