The State of the Media Report is a quarterly report published by the Zambian Chapter of the
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA). The State of the Media Report is aimed at
documenting key events relating to the media in Zambia and assesses the level of freedom of
expression of the media.
In line with MISA’s position as the primary advocate for media freedom and freedom of
expression in Southern Africa, MISA Zambia monitors and documents the level and extent of
media freedom and violations of freedom of expression. This report is prepared on a quarterly
basis and captures information and developments from various aspects relating to media and
freedom of expression.
The State of the Media Report is an opportunity to document key events in the media sector but
also more importantly is a process that ensures that lessons learnt and success stories are well
documented. This is crucial in ensuring that the story of the media in Zambia continues but that
there is also a well documented history of where we are coming from.
This particular State of the Media Report looks at the second quarter of the year 2015 ending
30th June.
This report also includes recommendations for follow up actions that should be taken up by
MISA Zambia and relevant stakeholders.


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