Category 1: Evaluation of government and public institution
websites to determine the accessibility and presence of credible
and updated public information, which includes but is not
limited to: powers and functions of the institution in question,
budgetary allocations, procurement procedures and contact
Category 2: In this category, information requests are submitted
to government and public institutions in order to determine the
ease with which public information is obtained from government
and public institutions.

Description of Assessment Criteria
The total number of points allocated to categories 1
and 2 is 20 points (n = 20) each.
Points are awarded based on the researcher’s answer:
Yes (2 points); Partial (1 point); No (0 points).
Government and public institutions fell into one of the
following groups in accordance with the number of
points that they received:
Category 1: Website Analysis
Group 1: (0 – 6) Absence of a website or an extremely
poor website containing no or almost no relevant
public information.
Group 2: (7 – 13) Average website containing some
relevant public information.
Group 3: (14 – 20) Well-organised, transparent website
providing a good amount of relevant public information.
Category 2: Requests for Information
Group 1: (0 – 6) Denied access to reasonable information
requested or acted with high levels of secrecy.
Group 2: (7 – 13) Displayed an average level of openness
in allowing access to public information.
Group 3: (14 – 20) Displayed openness in allowing
access to public information. The institution was helpful
and transparent.


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