Change Makers

Arthur Gwagwa is a Research Scholar at Utrecht University, Netherlands, and a long-standing advocate for
digital rights and justice. His work in the philanthropic sector has been instrumental in supporting various
grassroots initiatives to promote internet freedom in Africa. Similarly, his pioneering research work and
thought leadership continue to inspire and transform the lives of people in Africa.
Edeten Ojo, the Executive Director of Media Rights Agenda, is a prominent advocate for advancing media rights
and internet freedom. Known for his strategic vision and dedication to media freedom, he pioneered the
conceptualisation and development of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and has been a key voice in
shaping Internet policy-making in Africa.
Emilar Gandhi, the Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Global Strategic Policy Initiatives at Meta, built a
strong foundation in civil society as an advocate for Internet freedom. She is a prominent figure in technology
policy in Africa whose expertise and dedication have made her a valuable voice for inclusivity and responsible
technology development in the region.
Dr. Grace Githaiga, the CEO and Convenor of Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), has been a leading
advocate for media freedom and digital rights in Africa. Her tireless advocacy in shaping internet policy has
earned her recognition for her pivotal roles in championing internet freedom, digital inclusion,
multistakeholderism, and women’s rights online.
Julie Owono, the Executive Director of Internet Sans Frontières (Internet Without Borders), is a passionate and
respected digital rights advocate and thought leader in the global digital community. She is not only a champion
for internet freedom in Africa but is also a symbol of hope for many communities standing at the forefront of
the battle for internet freedom and connectivity in Africa.
Neema Iyer, the founder of Pollicy, is well known for her advocacy efforts in bringing feminist perspectives into
data and technology policy. Her dynamic and multi-faceted approach to solving social challenges exemplifies
the potential of data and technology to advance social justice and promote digital inclusion and internet
freedom in Africa.
Dr. Tabani Moyo, the Regional Director of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), is a distinguished
media freedom advocate and influential leader in guiding a community of changemakers in Southern Africa. He
has played an extensive and formidable role in pushing back against restrictive and repressive laws, supporting
journalists under threat, empowering young Africans, and shaping internet governance policies.
Temitope Ogundipe, the Founder and Executive Director of TechSocietal, has been a champion for digital rights
and inclusion in Africa. She is an advocate for women’s rights online and uses her expertise to contribute to the
development of youth and address digital inequalities affecting vulnerable groups across the continent.
Wafa Ben-Hassine, the Principal Responsible Technology at Omidyar Network, is a recognised human rights
defender and visionary leader dedicated to promoting human rights and responsible technological
development. Her relentless advocacy and valuable contributions to defending digital rights, civil liberties, and
technology policy continue to inspire many across the continent.

Dr. Wairagala Wakabi, PhD
Executive Director


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