- J2 P165
The appellant is appealing against the judgment of the High
Court of 11th August 2006.

By that Judgment, the High Court

dismissed the appellant’s claim for damages for defamation against
the 1st and 2nd respondents.
The facts of this matter are that by a letter dated 14th July
2004, Major Richard Kachingwa, in his capacity as Deputy
National Secretary of the Movement For Multiparty Democracy
(M.M.D.), wrote a letter to Hon. D. Sokontwe, the then Member of
Parliament for Chembe Constituency.

The letter contained two

charges. One of them alleged clandestine political meetings with
named persons, who included the appellant.
Hon. Sokontwe responded to the charges and denied the
allegations therein. He then gave his response to the 1st and 2nd
respondents, with the view that they publish it.

Indeed they

published his response. On 14th October 2004, under an article
entitled: “Levy is being misled – Sokontwe”, the 1st respondent
published the response as follows: “.....Sokontwe is alleged to
have been having clandestine meetings with ......Bevin Ndovi.”
On the same date, the 2nd respondent under an article
headed: “Charges Baseless”, published the response as follows:
“Mr. Sokontwe was alleged to have between January and
August 2004, attended clandestine meetings especially on

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