AI Report on Southern Africa

Areas of Focus
Southern Africa will be the primary focus area of the study, which will be broken up into three
distinct sections.

Section A: AI Readiness


Section B: AI use and deployment


Section C: AI and Disinformation: A Zimbabwean Elections Perspective


1. Literature Review
The first stage of the research was a deep dive into the application, evaluation, and policy
landscape of AI, including academic, legislative, corporate, and academic documents from
Southern African contexts. The literature review revealed that there is significant potential
for the adoption of AI in Africa, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and
However, it also highlighted the need for tailored policies and regulations that address the
unique challenges and opportunities faced by the region. Additionally, the review emphasised
the importance of collaboration between governments, academia, and the private sector
to ensure a holistic and inclusive approach to AI implementation in Africa. Overall, the
findings from the literature review provide a solid foundation for the subsequent stages of
the research, which will involve data collection and analysis to further explore the potential
impact of AI in Southern Africa.

2. Stakeholder focus group meetings
The second part of the research will include three focus group meetings in Harare, Bulawayo in
Zimbabwe and Johannesburg in South Africa, with AI experts, including lawyers, academics,
civic society leaders, activists, and media practitioners. These focus group meetings aim to
gather insights and perspectives from a diverse range of stakeholders knowledgeable about AI
and its potential impact in Southern Africa. The research intends to capture a comprehensive
understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with AI implementation in the
region by engaging with AI experts from different fields, such as law, academia, and media.

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