So This is Democracy?
Report on the state of media freedom and
freedom of expression in southern Africa


Burnt truck and newspapers of The Zimbabwean newspaper. Unknown
assailants on May 23, 2008 waylaid and set ablaze a truck-load of
60 000 copies of The Zimbabwean on Sunday newspaper and assaulted
its driver, Christmas Ramabulana, a South African national, and
distribution assistant Tapfumaneyi Kancheta. Ramabulana and
Kancheta were stopped 67km from Zimbabwe’s southern town of
Masvingo and forced to drive along the Chivi-Mandamabwe road for
16 km before turning into Mandamabwe Road where the truck and its
contents were set alight. They were severely beaten and dumped in that
area. Picture courtesy of The Zimbabwean newspaper.

So This Is Democracy? 2008


Media Institute of Southern Africa

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