2.0. Executive summary of State of the Media in Zambia-third Quarter
The State of the Media Report is a quarterly assessment of the media environment in Zambia. This
edition of the report covers the third quarter of 2016. The report describes the conditions under
which the media fraternity and journalists operated during the period under review. The report was
prepared for the Zambian Chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa – (MISA Zambia). The
report includes an assessment of the political, legal, economic, technological as well as other salient
situational issues that have a bearing on the media across the country. In the final part, the report
compiles cases of media violations, communiques affecting either media institutions or individual
journalists practicing in Zambia.

Included in the current report are a number of interesting incidences that continue to add new
developments, twists and intrigues to the media environment in Zambia, constituting significant
developments during the third quarter.
Without a doubt, the third quarter comes off as arguably the most turbulent period in the history of the
media in Zambia in terms of state interference and outright violations against the media’s independence
and freedom to conduct itself in a safe and conducive environment. This is due to the unprecedented
heavy handedness by the state that resulted in the suspension of licences at once for three broadcast
stations by the Independent Broadcasting Authority, IBA. The targeted stations are MUVI Television
Limited Company, Komboni Radio of Lusaka District in Lusaka Province as well as Itezhi-tezhi
Community Radio Station of Itezhi-tezhi District in Central Province. This action was against the
backdrop of the raid against the Post Newspaper by the Zambia Revenue Authority for alleged Tax noncompliance by the firm which has caused the newspaper to face serious operational challenges for close
to three months now since 22nd June when ZRA closed their premises.

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) suspended the broadcasting licenses for Muvi TV,
Komboni Radio and Itezhi Tezhi Radio respectively on 22nd August 2016 for what it termed as
"unprofessional conduct posing a risk to national peace and stability". The IBA cited section 29
(1)(j) of the IBA amendment act of 2010 which cites that "the IBA board may cancel a broadcasting
license if the cancellation of the license is necessary in the interest of public safety, security, peace,
welfare or good order". MUVI Television is one of Zambia's few independent media outlets that
carry dissenting views and critical opinions.


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