1 Preface
The Government of Lesotho hereby adopts this Communications Policy, which establishes the
framework for regulation of the telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal sectors. The Policy
will provide the foundation for the adoption of new legislation, the Communications Act of 2008,
which will replace the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority Act No. 5 2000, as amended (LTA
Act), and the Post Office Act of 1979.
The Policy builds on the foundation established by the Lesotho Telecommunications Policy of
1999 and the ICT Policy for Lesotho, adopted in 2005. The Policy recognises that the
telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal sectors are at different stages of development and
For instance, while the 1999 Telecommunications Policy began the process of
restructuring the Lesotho Telecommunications Corporation, the state broadcaster and post office
have not been restructured.
While the Policy draws on International best practice, it is designed to reflect Lesotho's unique
conditions. Lesotho is a developing country with a small population and limited resources.
Outside of Maseru, population density is low. The country's mountainous terrain, and the fact that
it is surrounded on all sides by another country, present additional challenges. Recognizing these
conditions, the Policy seeks to adopt a concrete and achievable regulatory framework for the

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