1.0 Introduction
The State of the Media in Zambia is a quarterly report based on the assessment of events
touching on the environment under which the media operated during the period under review.
The report summarises the conditions under which the media houses and media practitioners
operated, but more specifically in respect of the economic, technological, legal and political
environments as well as any other pertinent major issues that affect the media industry in
Zambia. In addition, the report reflects the main topical national issues that arose during the
period and how the media reported these in its role of ensuring that the public was fully
The quarterly report is prepared by the Media Institute of Southern Africa, Zambia Chapter
(MISA Zambia). The report helps cumulatively to document major developments in the media
industry in Zambia and to flag off any negative trends requiring remedial measures by both
MISA Zambia and other major stakeholders.
2.0 Methodology
The second quarterly report of the State of the Media in Zambia is essentially based on careful
review and analysis of materials that were available during the said quarter containing
information that had an impact and influenced the operations of the media in Zambia. The
materials reviewed included materials such as news reports in the media related to the media
fraternity, reports, press statements, and MISA Zambia media alerts published during the period
under review. Further an analysis of the media houses with presence online was done paying
particular attention to their presence online and how active they have been.
It should be noted at this stage that, the assignment to compile the report of the State of the
Media report was given long after the end of the second quarter. As a result monitoring the
broadcast media proved difficult to monitor the news aired in the quarter under review.
Efforts were nonetheless made to engage various selected broadcasting stations for recorded
news-casts. Further the media houses were engaged to get further information on how the media


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