Scoring system: Panel members are asked to allocate their individual scores to the respective indicators after the qualitative discussion in an anonymous vote according to the following scale:

Country does not meet indicator.
Country minimally meets aspects of the indicator.
Country meets many aspects of indicator but progress may be 		
too recent to judge.
Country meets most aspects of indicator.
Country meets all aspects of the indicator and has been doing 		
so over time.

Scores for each sector are determined as follows: Members of the
panel will, after a qualitative group discussion, attach their individual point-score (1 – 5) to each sub-indicator of a sector. The sum
of all individual scores will be divided by the number of panel members. The result will then be considered the final score for the subindicator.
This qualitative report, including the scores, serves the purpose of
measuring over time (based on bi-annual repetitions of the panel
meetings) the progress or otherwise of developments in the media
Kaitira Kandjii		
Director Regional		
Media Institute of Southern Africa		
Windhoek, Namibia		


Rolf Paasch
Director, Media Project Southern Africa
Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES)
Windhoek, Namibia

African Media Barometer - Tanzania 2008

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