the Executive Committee may by notice in writing direct any person who displays such
advertisement to remove it or to effect such alterations in the nature of the advertisement or in
the manner in which it is displayed as may be prescribed in the notice, and to effect such removal
or alteration within such period (which shall be not less than fourteen days from the date on
which the notice was given) as may be specified in the notice: Provided that the Executive
Committee shall not within a period of six months as from the date of commencement of this
Ordinance, give any such direction in regard to an advertisement which was being displayed on
the last-mentioned date, and thereafter remained displayed continuously and unchanged in the
same place.
(2) If a person to whom a notice has been given in terms of sub-section (1) fails to comply with a
direction contained in that notice within the period therein specified, the Executive Committee
may, at any time after the expiration of that period, through the agency of any person authorized
thereto by him, enter upon the land upon which the advertisement to which the notice relates, is
being displayed and remove the advertisement or effect the alterations prescribed in the notice.
(3) The Executive Committee may recover the expenses which he incurred by any action taken
under sub-section (2) from any person to whom the notice in question was given, unless such
person proves(a)

that he did not at the time when he received the notice, nor at any time thereafter,
display the advertisement; or


that he did not take any active part in the displaying of the advertisement and did not
grant any person permission to display it and did not receive any valuable
consideration in connection with the displaying of the advertisement, and that he does
not manufacture an article or own, control or manage a business or undertaking to
which the advertisement relates.

5. For the purposes of sections two and four(a)

a person who has erected or otherwise caused the appearance of an advertisement or
who has renovated or repaired it, and any person who is entitled to remove it, shall be
deemed to display that advertisement while and whenever it is visible from a
proclaimed road;


the owner, lessee or occupier of land on which an advertisement which is visible from
a proclaimed road, is being displayed, or on which is situated such an advertisement
which has been renovated or repaired, and the manufacturer of any article or the
proprietor of any business or undertaking to which such an advertisement relates, and
any agent of such a manufacturer or proprietor shall, unless the contrary is proved, be
deemed to have erected that advertisement or otherwise to have caused it to appear
or to have renovated, restored or repaired it, as the case may be, or to have permitted
its erection, appearance, renovation or repair;


any person who purports to exercise any right in connection with land to which the
public has no access as a matter of right, or who is from time to time upon any such
land, shall be deemed to be the owner, lessee or occupier of that land, unless the
contrary is proved.

6. The provisions of sections two and four shall not apply to any advertisement –

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