Majority languages vs. Minority languages- The fact that there are some languages used
over other languages means that cultures and values of people with the minority language
runs the risk of being eradicated as it is used less and less.
Language development- There needs to be efforts for the government to recognise that
education and access to information are fundamental human rights and these can be achieved
by ensuring that resources are available in all languages spoken in that country. This will
serve to give people are more wholesome experience of the internet.
Proprietary vs. Open source/ FOSS- most platforms available for translation tend to be
Free and Open source tools to encourage usability of the application and relevance to users
across language and contextual divides.
School curriculum and Language usage in schools- Language usage in schools is
repressive on vernacular languages outside of the language classes. Most material is in
Under-utilization of devices- devices tend to either become obsolete due to lack of capacity
or are under-utilized because the language and context of those apps is not relevant to the
users within that country. Smartphones and device use will never be as impactful dominant
languages are targeted to dynamic geographic, demographic and psychographic target

What are the challenges and opportunities that localisation will and can
bring to Zimbabwe?


To have government policy that is pro-vernacular
To create a Language development body- passed into existence by law which will
enable access to users and create a different but wholesome experience of the Internet.
Job creation and collaboration between Linguists; University; Tech community and
experts across the sector to avail, provide context of resources that need to be
Piggy backing on existing popular platforms
To boost access to information to communities that face language impediment- results
in coming up of new innovative individuals, empowerment of communities.
Preservation of culture and values that lie within languages and their contexts.

Availability of resources- in middle to low income countries for development of information
and resources in vernacular languages.
Limitation of tech subjects- The challenge of teaching technical subjects in native languages

Localising access in Zimbabwe- Chido Musodza

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