has been approved by the Authority for the construction of facilities
for the provision of content services;
“effective date” means the date of publication of these regulations;
“election programme” in relation to an election for the office of
President or Parliament
or any local authority, means the
programme that(a)
encourages or persuades or appears to encourage or persuade
voters to vote for a political party or election of any person at
an election; or
advocates support for a candidate or for a political party; or
notifies meetings held or to be held in connection with an
“family viewing or listening” means full spectrum programming suitable for
the whole family on a free-to-air broadcasting service;
“independent producer” means any individual company, corporation,
partnership or sole proprietary body duly registered and licensed in
United Republic of Tanzania to conduct the business of
producing films, television or radio programmes or commercials and
who has copyright;
“licensed area” means the area that is covered by a licensed content service
“license period” means the initial licence period or any other subsequent
licence period;
“licensed service” mean the services offered by a licensed content service
“licence” means permission to provide content service;
“licensee” means any person holding content service licence;
“Minister” means the Minister responsible for information and broadcasting;
“programme content” means programming material intended for
consumption but excludes advertising content inserted within a
programme during breaks or at end of a programme and the
beginning of a programme;
“programme hook-ups” means live programmes that a licensee can
technically hook up with another licensee for transmission of such
programmes on commercial basis.
“service area” means the licenced area covered by the footprint of the content
service provider;
“watershed period” means the time before 2100hrs and after 0530hrs that is
observed by licensees not to broadcast material unsuitable for
children. The watershed time is 2100 hrs. This is applicable to on air
television only.



4.(1) Every broadcasting equipment shall meet the minimum
applicable technical standards specified by the Authority.

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