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Published in Namibia by MISA in 2014.
The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) is the
primary advocate for media freedom and freedom of
expression in southern Africa.
MISA’s work focuses on making sustainable, lasting
changes to the media landscape in the southern
Africa region that will make our countries safer places
for journalists to work and more conducive for media
freedom and freedom of expression.
We do this through activities including:

2013 Media Freedom Violations							16
MISA Research Projects									18
Media Law, Policy and Advocacy Campaigns					


Children and the Media									26
Freedom of Expression Online								32
Botswana											36

Advocating for changes to restrictive laws

Lesotho											37

Advocating for development of positive legislation, such
as access to information laws;

Malawi											38

Researching and publishing reports on media violations
and the state of the media environment in southern
African countries; and

Namibia											39

Supporting greater professionalism among journalists by
building capacity through training, workshops, seminars
and other educational platforms and by producing
research and information resources.
For more infomration visit:
MISA authors and editors:
Zoe Titus, Alexandra Peard and Jessica Duffy
Cover photo: Various newspapers and publications from
southern African countries. Photo: Alexandra Peard,
MISA Regional Secretariat, 2014.

Swaziland											40
Tanzania											41
Zambia											42
Zimbabwe											43
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MISA Regional Governing Council							50
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