a) The government should facilitate for the establishment of a compulsory
National Employment Council (NEC) that deals with employment issues
such as salaries, grievances, employment conditions, minimum working
standards and a code of conduct, among others.
b) It should be mandatory for media houses to have policies that promote
equality and non-discrimination.

Digital Migration and emerging content industry

a) Review the current laws and establish a new and democratic law to define
the emergence of the new content generation industry to support the digital
migration process.
b) Government in partnership with media stakeholders should escalate civic
awareness processes on the digital migration process.
c) Media stakeholders should take an active role in the consolidation of the
emerging content generation industry and capacity building.
8. Media Content monitoring and consumption
Government should establish an Independent Media Content Regulatory
Body guided by the principles of freedom of expression to replace the
Censorship Board
9 Media Ethics and Professionalism
The media should be allowed to practice self-regulation through an act of
parliament which makes it mandatory for all media houses and journalists to be
bound by an agreed Code of Conduct and Ethics.
10 Gender perspectives
a) The government in consultation with media stakeholders must formulate,
adopt and implement gender and disability policies at institutional and
editorial levels (i.e. recruitment, promotion, working conditions, beat
assignments etc).
b) Government should ensure that curriculum in media and journalism
training institutions are gender and disability mainstreamed through
instruments such as compliance, inspectorates and regular review of the
c) A sexual harassment policy must be formulated and adopted by the
industry and enforced by a watchdog committee to secure a safe
professional environment for all media practitioners.




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