3. Convergence of broadcasting, telecommunications and ICT regulation
Zimbabwe should transform the fragmented regulatory framework of
broadcasting, telecommunications and Information Communication Technologies.
This can be done through the creation of a statutory board, the Independent
Broadcasting and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe.
4. Information and Communication Technology policy framework
The govermment should enanciate a clearly defined and democratic policy
framework on ICTs in consultation with media stakeholders and the public.
5. Liberalisation of the airwaves
a) The government should immediately license community radio stations. In
addition, the defination of what is a community should be based on an
inclusive and consultative process with the people of Zimbabwe.
b) The government in consultation with media stakeholders should come up with
a clearly defined licensing and funding regulatory framework for community
radio and an agreed definition of what constitutes a community.
c) There should be transparency and accountability in the licensing of new
players into the broadcasting sector.
d) The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation should be transformed into a
genuine public broadcaster and be re-capitalised to improve its quality of
programming and reach.
e) The government should facilitate for the establishment of a three- tier
broadcasting system.
6 Media as a business
a) Review of taxation
The government must review the tax regime governing the media industry to
promote growth, competitiveness and investment in the sector.
In addition, the government should review its revenue collection model from
revenue -centred to profit- centred taxing.
b) Media Development Fund
Statutory bodies tasked with the collection of levies should be transparent and
accountable through mandatory publishing of consolidated and audited reports.
c) Investment in the Media Industry
The legal regime must be reviewed to allow for foreign direct investment in the
media industry to harness technological and skills transfer.
d) Media ownership
The role of the State should be to create an enabling environment for the media
to operate freely and allow media houses to operate multiple business platforms.


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