The substantive quarter was less severe when compared to previous quarters such as the first
in which the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act was enacted and the third quarter in which
a social media blockade was enforced for close to three days during and after the elections in
Overall, the State of the Media for the year has been turbulent mainly due to the effects of the
COVID-19 pandemic, the harsh economic environment which mostly posted reduced
commercial activity, thereby affecting the media’s revenue generation. Further, the year was
turbulent owing to the anxiety and political tension that characterised the electoral process,
with the media falling victim to acts of violence. It is, perhaps, the social media blockade
enforced in the days succeeding the general election in the third quarter, that will continue to
dent the country’s image with regard to respect of digital rights. On a negative note, another
year has ended without the enactment of legislation on Access to Information.


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